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Restoring tear-film stability... an overview

The tear-film is a highly complex structure that coats the outer eye and is crucial to normal ocular function. It washes out foreign material and so prevents infection and inflammation. As the surface coating of the eye, it improves optical function. Moreover it prevents drying of the exquisitely sensitive cornea, which means that we are able to keep our eyes open during waking hours without experiencing discomfort.

Tear-film instability is the most common reason patients are referred to  ophthalmologists and it can be difficult to recognise. This is because of the overlap of key symptoms with other external-eye diseases. Tear-film instability can cause contradictory symptoms such as both watering and dryness - these symptoms may be present at different times in the same patient.

Management can be difficult, particularly as many eyedrops in common usage will themselves cause further tear-film instability.

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