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About tear-film instability...

Tears are important to keep our eyes healthy and seeing clearly. The tear-film is a complex structure made up of three layers. It lubricates the front of the eye.

The tear-film is unstable, and breaks down after only 20 seconds. We blink frequently to restore the tear-film and keep it working.

Tear-film instability:

  • may be caused by anything that damages the normal tear film;
  • can persist even when the original cause is removed in some patients;
  • leads to drying-out of the sensitive parts of the eye, with patients suffering itching and burning, plus either watering or dryness which can blur vision.

Tear-film instability is a common problem. According to The American Academy of Ophthalmology, one in three patients going to an Ophthalmologist have tear-film iInstability.

The ©EyeCalm™ web-facility is produced by a Consultant Ophthalmologist with over 20 years' experience in treating patients with tear-film instability. It is designed to promote effective, risk-averse treatment, concentrating on conservation of the tear-film, based on current best practice.

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